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4 signs that you should hire a tutor

Did you know that students who have personal tutors have been proven to perform better than those who don’t?

When it comes to the subject of hiring a private tutor, most parents like to think that it might not be necessary. They often think, “my child is going to school after all, so why do I have to hire a tutor?” What they don’t realize is that hiring a tutor has its own benefits and upsides because there’s a limit to how much the school can do.

One major advantage of private tutoring is “personalized learning.” A lot of students find it easier when learning is personalized to meet their needs as opposed to when they’re taught in general with other students in class. Most schools have a 1 teacher: 30 students ratio. Private tutoring gives students the opportunity to ask questions without feeling shy. They also get to call the attention of their tutor when they’re getting lost and can express themselves freely. When learning is personalized, it becomes easier, more effective, and much more interesting.

Signs that it might be time to get a tutor. We’ve got 4 of them!

1. Your child is becoming lackadaisical about his/her studies.

Some students start the term off by passing every test and homework and all of a sudden that’s not the case anymore. Something definitely went wrong. The earlier it’s addressed the better. The school teacher can only try his/her best, but the truth is he’s also got other students to watch out for. A private tutor can create a fun personalized learning experience and bring the excitement about learning back. We find that most of our students are excited to have classes because it allows them to be free and learn in a whole new way that is private and tailored just for them.

2. Unsatisfactory academic performance:

This is a glaring sign that a child needs the help of a tutor – fast! The best thing to do when you notice that your child’s academic performance is not as good as it should be is to seek extra help. With the help of a private tutor, students can go over topics that they didn’t understand while it was being taught in class. Now the teachers are not on a clock to follow a calendar and are not pressured to teach a certain number of subjects before the term is over. A private tutor works at the student’s pace to ensure the students understand before moving on to the next topic.

3. Exam Prep:

When students are preparing for an exam, be it internal school exams or international exams. Students need all the help they can get. A tutor can assist with periodic assessments even before the exam date. This helps to boost their confidence, quicken their time management skills and understand marking techniques for various exam bodies. A tutor also helps students understand the right way to study. This way your child will be empowered to perform excellently.

4. Bragging rights:

Remember the good old days when a teacher asks a question and everyone’s hands goes up trying to be the first to answer. I’m pretty sure some students did not know the answer, they did not just want to be left out. Well, that still happens today! There’s a certain cool feeling you get when a teacher asks questions and you know the answer. Next thing, all your friends are gathering around you because they want you to teach them. Our kids want to have that cool feeling. The secret to that is a private tutor. A private tutor helps students understand their subjects better and may even have one or 2 tricks up their sleeve. Sssh! No one else has to know. Okay, maybe you can tell your friends and recommend us to them. After all, we can all be winners!


We want to work hand in hand with you to build students that are academically sound and can compete with their international counterparts. We pride ourselves on knowing that our students produce great results and bragging rights too!