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3 easy ways to motivate your kids to study!

Sometimes it can be really difficult to get your kids to study, especially when there’s a lot of other things vying for their attention – things like cartoons, video games, social media, and the likes. Worse than that, some kids could just have a lazy attitude towards studying which makes it even more difficult.

However, as a parent, it is necessary that you discover how you can motivate your kids to study so they can prepare for exams and pass excellently. In this post, you will learn 3 easy ways to motivate your kids.

1. Attach a prize:

Who doesn’t like prizes? Definitely not your teens!

Awarding your kids prizes for studying as at when due and performing well in their exams is a sure way to motivate them to study. All you have to do is, make sure the prize is something they really want – of course if they don’t want it, then they won’t try to get it – and make sure you fulfill your promise. If you fail to award the promised prize when your kids do well, then your kids will find it hard to trust you next time, I’m sure you don’t want that!

So try this out and see how it goes!

2. Make studying fun:

One of the major reasons why kids hate to study is because they think it’s too boring! There’s nothing to spice it up, so they’d rather do other things that interest them more.

If you want to make studying fun for your kids, you can start by asking them to think of how they can make it fun for themselves. Do they like it when there’s music playing softly, or do they like snacking on something while reading? You could also offer them some fun reading materials like markers, reading cards, a tablet, etc. You could get them into a reading club as well!

The most important thing is to ensure that your kids are having fun even as they study.

3. Get yourself involved!:

Who knows?

Maybe if you try to help your kids out while they study, they might become more motivated to actually do it.

You don’t necessarily need to have answers to all of their questions. All you need is to sit with them. Be present. And offer help in any way that you can.

If you even have some office work to finish up with, you could do that while you sit with your child as he studies.

I’m sure that these 3 tips would help you a lot in motivating your kids to study. Also remember that if you need some extra help (like getting a tutor, you can do that here on website. Students can also practice for upcoming exams by using our study platform or our mock platform.

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